From the hotel to the Faculty


To get to the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science you need to take the line 18 tram going in the direction of Czerowne Maki (the direction and line number are displayed on the fronts of trams).

Tram stop Teatr Bagatela

The closest tram stop is Teatr Bagatela at the meeting point of the streets Podwale, Karmelicka, and Szewska. The tram tracks there form a letter T; you should be riding along the top bar of that T from left to right. The vertical bar of T is Karmelicka street.

Last stop Norymberska

You need to get off at the Norymberska stop. It is the 14th stop after Teatr Bagatela (Teatr Bagatela excluded). There is a large Kaufland supermarket visible right next to the stop. According to the time schedule the trip takes about 27 minutes (25 to 30 minutes, usually). Once you get off the tram follow it as it rides away and, after about 200 meters, take the first turn right (into the Lojasiewicza street). Follow it for another 200 meters until you see the Faculty of Mathematics building on your right (a large, yellow building with glass elements; a small photo of its front can be seen at


All lectures will take place at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Jagiellonian University, Lojasiewicza 6.


Introductory lectures on Thursday will be held in room 0094 (ground floor). The lecture from Friday to Sunday will take place in room 1016 (first floor).

Plan of the building

Here is a link to a plan of the building.